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Joyce & Bary Testimonials

I would like to say that Joyce and Bary are very qualified and excellent team to utilize for any Social Security Disability case. Lord knows that I have had highs and lows waiting so long. Through the careful help of Joyce and Bary, I have been awarded benefits. I am extremely grateful. I would recommend these attorneys to anyone looking for assistance with their disability case.

John C.

I had been trying to get my long term disability and Social Security Disability for nearly 5 months. Mr. Bary and his team agreed to help me with both my LTD and Social Security Disability and they took care of everything. I have not had to do anything - they called me before I had to call them. I have now been advised that my LTD is being reinstated.

Mr. Bary and his team advised me of rights that I did not know I had. I have been very pleased with this team and highly recommend them.

Stephanie F.

Very professional. The entire office staff was helpful and timely with answering questions. Mr. Bary's wisdom and guidance aided in a successful outcome. Highly recommended.

Tracy W.

This lawyer [Jim Joyce] and his staff saved my life. I worked over 30 years and was in pain. Every day was a nightmare. I had to wait a while, but they reassured me and helped me get my disability several years ago. These folks are good Christian people. Suffering is one thing, but suffering with no income is worse. Such good people.

Barbara S.

Thank you so much for the services provided by you and your team. You and your staff were fantastic, so cooperative and supportive, I could not be happier with the results. You made a difference in my future.

Claire F.

I have testified as a Vocational Expert in Social Security Disability hearings and Worker’s Compensation hearings, as well as in other vocational disability claims in Virginia Circuit and US District Court for over 35 years. I have often had the opportunity to observe Mr. Joyce and Mr. Bary in their representation of injured workers. In my opinion, Mr. Joyce and Mr. Bary represent their clients in an effective manner while treating all parties with dignity and respect.

Vocational and Forensic Expert