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Executive and Professional Disability Claims

If you are a high-earning executive or business professional and disabled with disability insurance, you should be able to collect on your claim. However, oftentimes insurance companies will target high-earning claims in order to save money and avoid a large payout. Don’t let insurance companies like these unlawfully deny your claim to disability benefits you deserve. Joyce & Bary Law specializes in helping disabled clients get the benefits they need to survive.

Why Is My Claim Being Denied?

There are many reasons why executive and professional disability claims are denied. While many high-earners expect to have no problems should they need to collect disability insurance, they often face unexpected challenges to their claims. Disability insurance companies look to cut costs when facing a high-earning claim in hopes to save money. They begin to investigate your claim more closely and look for ways to deny it. Other reasons your claim may be denied include:

  • They may claim that you are not “fully” disabled
  • Change of occupation may give cause for the insurer to deny that you are disabled based on your new occupation requirements
  • They will claim that you failed to properly cooperate with their investigation
No matter what reasons or explanations they give to deny your claim, Joyce & Bary Law will fight every day to ensure that your and your family receive the disability benefits you deserve.

How Joyce & Bary Help

We have been helping disabled individuals successfully claim their benefits for over 40 years. We understand and have seen the difficulties that high-income earners have when trying to claim their disability benefits. Most importantly, we know how insurance companies operate and how disability claims work. Joyce & Bary will work closely with you to ensure that all claims are properly filed and completed. We will help you fight claim denials and fight any erroneous explanations insurers may have to deny your claim. When you work with Joyce & Bary Law, you are getting a dedicated team who will do everything we can to fight for you and your family’s executive and professional disability benefits.