Executive & Professional Disability Claims


If you are a high-earning professional or executive who has become disabled, you may be counting on your long-term disability insurance to help you continue to support your family. However, insurers often target the claims of high-earners to avoid a large payout. Joyce & Bary Law specializes in helping clients get the disability benefits they need to survive.

Why is my disability claim being denied?


Your insurer claims that you are not "fully" disabled.


If you change occupations, your insurer may claim you are no longer disabled based on your new job.


Your insurer may claim you failed to properly cooperate with their investigation.

Bottom line, insurance companies may look for ways to avoid paying your claim if you are a high-earning professional.

What to do next:

Contact an attorney

Most LTD policies are governed by strict deadlines for appeals. If your claim has been denied, the clock on your appeal is already ticking. An attorney can help preserve your rights.

Continue medical treatment

If your LTD claim is denied, your insurer will be looking for any reason to deny it on appeal. Be sure to comply with any and all treatment instructions and attend any follow-up appointments to demonstrate continuity of treatment.

At Joyce & Bary Law:

  • Your case will be completely handled in house. We never outsource cases.
  • We will communicate directly with your insurance company on your behalf.
  • If you are still waiting on a decision on Social Security disability, we can contact SSA or state agencies for an update and handle your case from there.
  • We have worked with most LTD insurers, and we understand their policies as well as their responsibilities and your rights under federal law.
  • We will fight to ensure that you and your family receive the benefits you deserve.