Joyce & Bary Law receives national recognition for Social Security Disability practice


Joyce & Bary Law has received national recognition for its work in Social Security disability law.

The firm was named among the Disability Awards National Top 250 by Social Security Disability Leadership, which publishes an annual list of the top Social Security Disability organizations in the country. Law firms and other companies who represent clients in SSD cases are ranked by the number of awards they win for claimants.

In addition to its national award, Joyce & Bary Law ranked No. 1 in Virginia among firms practicing in the SSD space.

“At a time when Social Security Disability applicants face unprecedented case backlogs and other challenges to attaining benefits, we are thrilled to be recognized for handling more successful cases than any other firm in Virginia,” said lead disability attorney David Bary.

“Our work has life-changing implications for the clients we serve,” Bary said. “Without disability benefits, many of our clients and their families would face financial ruin. That’s why we work with claimants at every step, from the initial application through the entire administrative appeals process.”

A full two-thirds of initial applications for Social Security Disability are denied, according to the Social Security Administration’s own statistics, and the average wait time for those initial decisions is currently seven months. Applicants can easily spend more than a year wading through the arduous appeals process.

“This award acknowledges the dedication, skill, and hard work of our attorneys and team, who devote themselves each day to seeking positive outcomes for our disabled clients,” Bary said.

Bary was quick to underscore the role of the staff in the firm’s success.

“Every favorable decision represents hours of case preparation performed by our firm’s incredible team,” Bary said. Each person’s contribution is critical to the final outcome, and each win for a client is a win for all of us.”

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